Table 4

Number and percentage (ranked highest to lowest) of respondents indicating that the listed items (ie, assurances) might encourage them to respond honestly to research questions about end-of-life practices

Assurances that might encourage honesty regarding end-of-life practicesYesPer cent
(1) The use of anonymous written replies34679.4
(2) Reassurance that the method made it absolutely impossible to link respondent identity with responses27061.9
(3) Signed undertaking by the researchers never to reveal the respondent identity18542.4
(4) Guarantee from government department, medical council, etc that the replies would never be used to investigate the practices of any individual respondent17740.6
(5) The use of interviews with a registered medical practitioner, with guarantee that the responses would be anonymous16237.2
(6) Promise from researchers to never divulge the link between the respondents and their replies, even if faced with prosecution13029.8
(7) Endorsement of survey from the Medical Council of New Zealand12328.2
(8) The use of an anonymous internet survey11726.8
(9) The use of interviews with the researcher, with guarantee that the responses would be anonymous11325.9
(10) Endorsement of survey from the Ministry of Health8519.5