Table 2

Number and percentage of respondents indicating they would be willing to answer honestly for each question about end-of-life practices

Would you answer honestly questions asking if you had:YesPer cent
(1) Prescribed drugs (for supply or administration) with intention to hasten death?35180.5
(2) Withdrawn treatment with intention to hasten death?38287.6
(3) Withheld or withdrawn treatment taking into account possibility of hastening death?38889.0
(4) Withheld or withdrawn treatment partly to hasten death?33777.3
(5) Withheld or withdrawn treatment with the intention of hastening death?27162.2
(6) Alleviated pain and suffering taking into account the possibility of hastening death?39991.5
(7) Alleviated pain and suffering partly to hasten death?31672.5
(8) Alleviated pain and suffering with the intention of hastening death?26159.9