Table 4

Predicted SIDS Infant death rates for normal women*

Group numberRisk factors presentRoom sharingBed sharingRatio of rates
FeedingsmokingAlcoholRate/100095% CIRate/100095% CIRatio95% CI
Minimum riskBrNoNo0.080.05 to to 0.492.71.4 to 5.3
 1BotNoNo0.130.08 to 0.210.340.16 to 0.732.71.4 to 5.3
 2BrPartnerNo0.090.05 to 0.160.520.25 to to 10.8
 3BrMotherNo0.130.08 to to to 21.7
 4BrBothNo0.240.15 to 0.411.880.94 to 3.737.74.3 to 13.8
 5BotBothYes1.770.87 to 3.4827.510.4 to 68.415.65.7 to 41.5
  • *Predicted SIDS mortality rates for a cohabiting, white mother age 26 to 30, having a second normal weight baby with birth weight between 2.5 and 3.5 kg and having no other risk factors, that is mother is not a drug user, has a partner and room shares. Bot, bottle; Br, breast; SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.