TableĀ 1

Categorisation of social media tools

Collaborative projectsEnable the joint and simultaneous creation of content by many end-usersWikis (eg, Wikipedia)
Social bookmarking applications (eg, Mendeley)
Blogs or microblogsWebsites that display date-stamped entries. They are usually managed by one person but provide the opportunity to interact with others through the addition of commentsWordpress
Twitter (microblog)
Content communitiesAllow for the sharing of media content between users, including text, photos, videos and presentationsBookCrossing
Social networking sitesEnable users to connect by creating personal information profiles that can be accessed by friends and colleagues, and by sending emails and instant messages between each otherFacebook
Virtual worldsPlatforms that replicate a 3D environment in which users can appear in the form of personalised avatars and interact with each other as they would in real lifeSecond Life