Table 3

Multivariate analyses of factors associated with surgery duration

Objective surgery durationPatient-assessed surgery duration
VariableAdjusted regression coefficient*95% CIp valueAdjusted regression coefficient*95% CIp value
Age0.10 to 0.20.022
Preoperative visual acuity3.61.2 to 5.90.002
Waiting time in the department0.80.1 to 1.60.03
Junior vs senior surgeon4.12.4 to 5.90.00013.30.8 to 5.80.01
Low vs high pain score−2.3−3.5 to −1.10.0002−3.1−4.8 to −1.40.0004
  • *Regression coefficients adjusted for variables with p values <0.10 in the univariate analysis.