Table 3

Performance of the IHBI risk assessment tools for hypertension (as built in this study) on Kuwaiti natives and Asian expatriates

Risk assignment by the IHBI (k-NN) toolRisk assignment by the IHBI_Aggregate (k-NN) tool
Data setHypertensive patients (%)Non-hypertensive patients (%)Hypertensive patients (%)Non-hypertensive patients (%)
All Ethnicities (k=8,N=10632)
 ‘Low’ risk1.137.60.2837.6
 ‘Borderline’ risk6.531.84.931.9
 ‘High’ risk92.430.694.830.5
Kuwaiti natives (k=8,N=5513)*
 ‘Low’ risk0.4322.80.2627
 ‘Borderline’ risk4.934.75.638.1
 ‘High’ risk94.642.594.234.9
Asian expatriates (k=8,N=3036)*
 ‘Low’ risk1.
 ‘Borderline’ risk4.127.42.626.1
 ‘High’ risk94.729.197.325.5
  • *Split schema used is (0–1)—‘low’ risk; (2–3)—‘borderline’ risk; (4–8)—‘high’ risk.

  • k-NN, k-nearest neighbours.