Table 1

Patient population, preoperative schedule and surgical procedures

Patients (n)218
Cataract surgery cases (n)283
Age (mean years (±SD))73.2 (±9.3)
Gender (cases, n (%))
 Male132 (46.6%)
 Female151 (53.4%)
Preoperative visual acuity (mean LogMAR (±SD))0.4 (±0.2)
Schedule on the day of surgery (hours)
 Fasting time, mean (±SD)14 (±1.8)
 Time interval between wake up and surgery, mean (±SD)4.6 (±1.2)
 Waiting time in the department, mean (±SD)2.3 (±0.7)
Sequence of surgery (cases, n (%))
 First eye155 (54.8%)
 Second eye128 (45.2%)
Surgeons’ experience (cases, n (%))
 Senior253 (89.4%)
 Junior30 (10.6%)
Pain assessment
 Low pain score205 (72.4%)
 High pain score78 (27.6%)