Table 3

Population-attributable fraction for falls*

 Any fall over the previous monthFrequent (≥2) falls over the previous month
Estimates (95% CI)Estimates (95% CI)
OAB symptom40.7% (0.7% to 64.6%)67.7% (−23.1% to 91.5%)
Timed Up and Go30.4% (7.6% to 47.6%)45.8% (13.1% to 66.2%)
Depressive symptoms11.7% (3.8% to 18.9%)15.3% (−1.3% to 29.1%)
  • OAB, overactive bladder; TUG, Timed Up and Go.

  • *Estimated from logistic regression models adjusted for age, gender, body mass index, exercise habit, living arrangement, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes and all the variables in the table.

  • †Estimated assuming that all participants have TUG value of 4 s, the second smallest value in this population.