Table 4

Results of included studies

Study (author, country, year)Type of studyPrimary outcomeBaseline risk as per diabetic foot risk stratification14Relative risk of amputation with contact with a podiatrist compared with no contact with a podiatrist
Ronnemaa, Finland, 199722 16RCTDiabetes-related amputation:
One year follow-up: Intervention: 0 Control: 0
7-years follow-up: Intervention: 1 Control: 0
Plank, Austria, 200323RCTDiabetes-related amputation:
1-year follow-up: Intervention: 2 Control: 1
High (healed foot ulcers)0.92
Sowell, USA, 199924CohortAmputation related to diabetes/gangrene/PVD
1-year follow-up: Intervention: 20
Control: 130
Lipscombe, Canada, 200337CohortDiabetes-related amputation:
Amputation during any of the 3 years of the study: Intervention: 11 Control: 4
Lavery, USA, 201021CohortDiabetes-related amputation:
Actual number of amputations not outlined
Amputation incidence density:
58.7 in Dialysis Group per 1 000 person-years
13.1 in Ulcer Group per 1 000 person-years
High (history of foot ulcer)Unknown
Sloan, UK, 201038CohortDiabetes-related amputation:
6-year follow-up: actual number of amputations not outlined
Stage 1: Moderate
Stage 2: High
Stage 3: Active
Stage 4: Active
Stage 1 disease : 2.20
Stage 2 disease : 0.85
Stage 3 disease : 0.44
Stage 4 disease : 0.36
  • RCT, randomised controlled trial.