Table 2

The AORs for avoidable factors that interact with bed sharing, adjusted for all other factors. Therefore, they relate to the baseline corresponding to babies of non-smoking mothers who do not use drugs, and taking <2 units of alcohol in the last 24 hours, having a non-smoking partner, and no other risk factors

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  • *After 3 months, the AOR for put down on side is 1.4 (1.1 to 1.8) and front 7.7 (5.8 to 10.1) when room sharing.

  • Note: For the first 3 months when bed sharing, risk is not affected by the position put down. All AORs are adjusted for other factors in the table and bottle feeding, sex, whether matched or unmatched, race, birth weight group, mother's age group, number of live births (grouped), mother single and where slept. AOR, Adjusted OR.