Table 2

Distribution of papers by health system level, access to medicine domain and research issue, 2000–2010

Classification/categoriesFrequency (N)Per cent*
Health system levels
 Health sector (policies or institutions)4135.34
 Health services delivery3025.86
 Patients, households and communities2824.14
 National policies or institutions cutting across sectors119.48
 Regional and international policies and institutions65.17
 Leadership and governance2526.04
 Sustainable financing and affordability and price of medicines2222.92
 Medicines selection and use2121.88
 Availability of medicines1616.67
 Human resources for health33.13
 Quality of medicines and quality and quality assurance systems33.13
 Medicines information and information systems22.08
Research issue
 Medicines use1418.20
 Medicines price/affordability1114.30
 Financing model of medicines1013.00
 Health litigation911.70
 Policy implementation911.70
 Multisource medicines/generics810.40
 Legislation and regulation56.50
 Good pharmacy practices45.20
 IP-related issues45.20
 Evidence and health policy33.90
 Socioeconomic determinants33.90
 Healthcare and medicines seeking behavior22.60
 Provision model of medicines22.60
 Human resources for health11.30
 Global policies and human rights11.30
 Production of medicines11.30
 Traditional medicine11.30
  • Categories are not mutually exclusive.