Table 2

Clinic referral details (results from first questionnaire)

FrequencyPer cent
Who arranged your appointment at the clinic?
 Your ‘usual’ GP2340.4
 Another GP at your practice2442.1
 A&E department47.0
 An out of hours GP35.3
 Community Midwife11.8
When you attended the clinic, had you already made arrangements or made an appointment with your GP to talk about things afterwards?
Do you plan to attend, or have you already attended, an appointment with your GP to discuss things following your clinic attendance?
 Not sure47.0
Do you think that discussing things with your GP would be…
 Neither helpful or unhelpful2950.9
 Not sure58.8
Time between being referred and attending clinic
 Same day23.5
 Next day1119.3
 2 days712.3
 3 days915.8
 4–7 days2747.4
 More than 1 week11.8
  • GP, general practitioner.