Table 3

Logistic regression model of Child TV viewing (>2 h/day) predicted by parental TV viewing, parental attitudes and media equipment (n=733)*

OR95% CIp Value
Parental TV viewing >2 h/day (ref <2 h)7.752.57 to 5.47<0.001
Number of SV items in house0.960.86 to 1.090.551
Number of SV items in child's bedroom1.221.07 to 1.390.004
SV is valuable family time1.160.96 to 1.410.134
SV keeps children entertained1.060.87 to 1.290.561
SV is relaxing for children1.491.20 to 1.84<0.001
SV helps to educate children0.960.77 to 1.200.743
  • *Models are all mutually adjusted for the variables listed above as well as parental education, parental age and number of children

  • SV, screen-viewing.

  • p Values <0.05 are in bold.