Table 2

Data extracted from six randomly selected focus group participants

Neutral commentsPositive commentsNegative comments
[I] would want more practice with applying the StatLock device before using it in a clinical setting“[I] am motivated to use StatLock after witnessing multiple coworkers experience fingersticksTime is of the essence. [I] don't want to wait for StatLock to dry when sutures are faster, more efficient, more comfortable
After using the StatLock device just one time, one resident found that the placement of the StatLock device was quicker than suturing the CVCSome residents were hesitant to use the device because the nurses and other practitioners lacked knowledge of the device
Two of the 6 residents reported that they valued the StatLock device in certain situations when they were more likely to incur an NSI. One stated this was particularly useful when the patient is unpredictable or unwilling to lie stillThe admitting team was confused, did not know what device was, and [was] concerned over whether StatLock would stay in place
One stated that the device may be useful especially for patients who form keloidsResistance to StatLock due to familiarity with suturing, especially among surgical residents