Table 2

Aggregated patient numbers for each time point with recorded visits at participating Queenland Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Health Service with medical clinics

Aggregated data (95% CIs)June 2010 (n)October 2010 (n)June 2011 (n)September 2011 (n)February 2012 (n)
All patients*3816727783429237804375309
All Aboriginal and Islander patients2736919793282705324155441
Recent patients*2121722253256873294231310
Recent Aboriginal and Islander patients1525715241178512398024317
Regular Aboriginal and Islander patients1293813136154331972719948
Regular Aboriginal and Islander adults5444902193711363012325
EMR disease registers: Regular Aboriginal and Islander adultsn (%)n (%)n (%)n (%)n (%)
Current tobacco users†2315 (49..4)3936 (51.6)4090 (48.6)5818 (49.3)5296 (48.4)
Type 2 diabetes mellitus830 (15.2)1548 (17.2)1475 (15.7)2489 (18.2)2255 (18.2)
Hypertension1237 (22.7)2241 (24.8)2084 (22.2)3336 (24.4)3097 (25.1)
Coronary heart disease347 (6.4)663 (7.3)673 (7.2)1037 (7.6)916 (7.4)
No services913131814
  • EMR, Electronic Medical Record; disease registers are those adults with that coded recorded diagnosis in the medical history section of the EMR.

  • *All: Includes Non-Indigenous, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.

  • †Disease registers: These numbers (numerators) represent a subset of the Regular Adult Aboriginal and Islander patients (denominator) proportion of tobacco users is a proportion of those adults for whom tobacco-use status was recorded.