Table 2

Themes identified in analysis

PracticalitiesBenefits▸ Reduces antibiotic prescribing
▸ Easy to use
▸ Useful for inexperienced staff
Concerns▸ Time concerns
▸ Cost concerns
Accuracy of diagnosisBenefits▸ Confirmation of diagnosis
Concerns▸ Conflict of opinion
▸ Identification of carriers
▸ Alternative bacteria not detected
Patient outcomesBenefits▸ Reassurance for patient
▸ Education tool for patient
Concerns▸ Medicalisation concerns
Experience of using clinical scoresBenefits▸ Useful for inexperienced practitioners
Concerns▸ Unnecessary for experienced practitioners
▸ Time consuming
RADT trial participation▸ Trial participation increases positive views.
▸ Negative perceived views of non-trial practitioners
▸ Positive views of trial practitioners
Patient views▸ Reassured by test
▸ No change on GP attendance
▸ Preference for no antibiotics