Table 6

Cost of colon cancer follow-up

Cost variable (mean, £)Surgeon n=55GP n=55Total n=110p Value
Healthcare cost/follow-up cycle3512923240.02
 Bootstrapped 95% CI315 to 386255 to 327296 to 348
 Mean difference £58
Healthcare cost/24-month follow-up3178265129170.03
 Bootstrapped 95% CI2833 to 34852228 to 30062660 to 3147
 Mean difference (£)529
Societal cost/follow-up cycle10989141007<0.001
 Bootstrapped 95% CI1062 to 1139877 to 954981 to 1034
 Mean difference (£)184
Societal cost/24-month follow-up988982339068<0.001
 Bootstrapped 95% CI9569 to 101947904 to 86198823 to 9320
 Mean difference (£)1656
  • In estimation of healthcare and societal cost, cycles with complete cost data (n=600, ie, 1800 follow-up months) were included in analyses (as defined in table 1). Cost data from 57 follow-up cycles were excluded from analyses (incomplete ID or not returned forms). Cost of sick leave was adjusted for baseline characteristic. CI based on 1000 stratified bootstrap samples.