Table 2

Details of the unit costs assigned to healthcare resource use data

VariableUnit cost (£)*Sensitivity analyses (%)
Cost of travel±25
 Mean costs of hospital travel88† 
 Hotel overnight74‡
 Private car rates0.2/km§
Cost of GP consultation±25–40
 GP consultation 20 min18.5¶ 
 Phone consultation GP 10 min5.3¶
 Emergency consultation GP 30 min26¶
Cost of surgeon outpatient consultation±25–40
 Surgeon outpatient consultation 30 min69** 
 Phone consultation surgeon 15 min10.6††
 Emergency outpatient consultation 30 min69**
Cost of follow-up tests±25–40
 Blood samples 
 Chest x-ray25‡‡,§§
 Contrast-enhanced ultrasound of liver153‡‡,§§
 CT abdomen105‡‡,§§
 CT thorax105‡‡,§§
 PET scan2662‡‡
Cost related to sick leave±25
 Governmental reimbursement 1 day work absence102¶¶
Costs related to metastases surgery±25
 Cost of abdominal surgery14176** 
 Cost of liver surgery11596**
 Cost of lung surgery13061**
  • *Exchange rate on 29 June 2012: £1=9.36 Norwegian kroner:

  • †Personal communication North Norwegian Health Administration (JN): 5 400 000 NOK budgeted annual travel expenses/950 000 annual patient travels=£88 per travel.

  • ‡Local data.

  • §Norwegian National Bureau of Patient Travels:

  • ¶The Norwegian Medical Association: Norwegian Policy Document for Governmental Reimbursements in Primary Care (Fastlegetariffen) 2011:

  • Cost of GP consultation: 136 NOK (20 min consultation)+386 NOK per patient annually. Assuming 10 consultations per patient annually=38 NOK/consultation. In total, 174 NOK per consultation=£18.5.

  • **Norwegian Health Authorities. Reimbursement and DRG weighting in Norwegian Hospitals 2012:

  • 1 DRG weight: 38 209NOK. Surgeon outpatient consultation (day and night-time): DRG 923 O, weight 0.017. Colonoscopy: DRG 710 O, weight 0.072. Abdominal surgery: DRG 170, weight 3.484. Liver surgery: DRG 201, weight 2.850. Lung surgery: DRG 76, weight 3.21.

  • ††Statistics in Norway 2011: Average annual salary 750 000 NOK (£80 000) hospital consultant.

  • ‡‡Cost rates Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine University Hospital North Norway.

  • §§Korner et al.33

  • ¶¶Estimated from a median income of 350 000 NOK/year/patient as reported by patient subsample in regular work at the time of surgery.

  • PET, positron emission tomography.