Table 5

Median Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale-Depression (HADS-D) and HADS-Anxiety (HADS-A) scores (IQR) at baseline and 6-month follow-up and difference between the two assessment points for each arm, prescribing, review and treatment as usual (TAU)

N*Median (IQR)N*Median (IQR)N*Median (IQR)p Value (between groups)
Baseline HADS-D425.0 (3.0;8.0)444.5 (2.3;8.0)515.0 (3.0;8.0)
6-month follow-up HADS-D4.0 (2.0;8.0)5.0 (2.0;8.8)5.0 (2.0;10.0)
Difference HADS-D−1.0 (−2.0;0.0)0.0 (−1.0;1.8)0.0 (−1.0;2.0)0.02
p (within groups)0.020.330.22
Baseline HADS-A447.0 (3.3;10.8)435.0 (3.0;10.0)486.0 (4.0;10.0)
6-month follow-up HADS-A5.0 (2.3;9.8)6.0 (3.0;9.0)7.0 (4.0;10.0)
Difference HADS-A−1.0 (−2.0;0.0)0.0 (−2.0;2.0)0.5 (−3.0;2.0)0.05
p (within groups)0.010.450.81
  • Within-arm and between-arm p values are also reported.

  • *Number of participants in each group who completed the appropriate part of the HADS at both baseline and follow-up.