Table 6

Ordered Logistic Regression Model EQ5D in NHL patients (n=614, pseudo R2=0.15 p<0.001)

CharacteristicOR95% CIp Value
Age (years)
 1 least deprivedREF
 5 most deprived1.190.652.210.57
Physical activity*0.910.840.980.01
Number of other LTC (excluding BP)
 Chemo onlyREF
Disease status
 Rx but present2.571.524.33<0.001
 Not treated0.830.173.960.82
 Not sure3.041.585.840.001
Time since diagnosis (years)
  • *Amount of physical activity performed each week quantified according to the Chief Medical Officer of England's recommendations.16

  • †Odds of reporting ‘medium’ or ‘low’ QoL EQ5D scores compared with ‘high’ QoL scores where ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’ QoL was defined as scores=1, 0.5≤scores<1 and scores<0.5, respectively.

  • LTC,long-term condition; QoL, quality of life.