Table 5

Impact on me

5.1“You try and support the fathers and meet their needs when it happens. I do have days where I go home deflated thinking I really wish I could have done more for him that day.” (Midwife12)
5.2“I don't mind it at all. I'm used to people watching what I do and I think he needs to see anyway.” (NeonatalNursePractitioner14)
5.3“I don't like it. Not because it's a worry to me it's just because I don't happen to like being watched when I'm working.” (Paediatrician7)
5.4“Yes. Even now, after all this time, there are some difficult deliveries and you want to, you share in all of that emotion and it's very easy to kind of get prickly eyes when the baby is ok.” (Midwife7)