Table 3

Saying and doing

3.1“I don't think it's anything that anybody's spoken about and I suppose I don't really speak to the trainees who come through about it either.” (Paediatrician16)
3.2“I think my practice is probably based on what I've heard husbands and partners tell me and how they felt.” (Midwife15)
3.3“I have a series of horror stories of observing my consultant teachers in days of yore making a complete and utter hash of it. And I use that you know and I just, you just learn by thinking, right, if I live a thousand years, I will never do that.” (Paediatrician15)
3.4“I always say, speak to people how you would want to be spoken to. Treat them the way you want to be treated and just put yourself in their situation. You know, it's your partner, that's your baby and somebody's not even acknowledging that you're there, how would that make you feel?” (Obstetrician61)
3.5“It was awful. No-one was saying anything and mum was crying. I was just thinking please, please somebody say something.” (NeonatalNurse7)