Table 2

Whose role?

2.1“My main focus is the mother. I think that's, I think it's important to understand that because the mother's my patient, the father's not my patient.” (Anaesthetist14)
2.2“When the baby was born and she needed resuscitating, he ran out the room crying. I felt like I should have ran after him really which I couldn't at the time because I was trying to like stop her ((the mother)) from bleeding. So it was difficult but I did think, oh my God.” (Midwife9)
2.3“I at that time, I could not speak to dad because we, our priority was the baby and baby needed intubating. Once that was done I was able to then go and speak to mum just to give her brief information of what was going on, how the baby was.” (NeonatalNurse1)
2.4“It's not my place, just in case he asked me sensitive questions that I'm not able to answer. It's very difficult in that situation especially if you've got a very sick baby. I would not take part in that at all.” (NeonatalNurse5)
2.5“There's no-one specifically to do that, unless we employed an extra member of staff just to look after the father, but we can't do that.” (Anaesthetist13)