Table 3

Inclusion/exclusion criteria for the two parts of the study

Patient inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Event analysis of hip failure
 ASR or BHR implanted by AVFNNo other MoM hip replacements
 Blood Co concentration recorded post hip resurfacing(no patients were excluded for renal function abnormalities)
 Clinical review at a minimum of 2-year postblood test
 Normal basic renal function test at the time of Co blood test (urea and creatinine) 
 Harris hip score ≥95
Mixed effects modelling of trends in blood Co
 All patients in the study who had given repeat blood samples from 2007–2012 with MoM hip resurfacings remaining in situPatients found to have developed abnormal renal function tests
  • ASR, Articular Surface Replacement; BHR, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing; Co, cobalt; MoM, metal-on-metal.