Table 15

Triamcinolone safety

DRCR Network 2008 (Ip et al/Beck et al/ Bressler et al) 22616364Gillies et al/Sutter et al32136–138Gillies et al33Kim et al45Lam et al34Ockrim et al/ Sivaprasad et al4262
Number of patients
Ocular adverse events
 At 2 years (or 3 years when indicated)At 2 yearsNot reportedAt 12 months
 IOP ≥30 mm HgIVT1: n=22; IVT4: n=53; L: n=3NRNRNRIVT: IOP significantly higher than in L group (18.2 mm Hg, range 12–26 mm Hg); no cases of glaucoma
 IOP >22 mm HgNRNRNRIVT: 37% (p=0.002 vs L); IVTL: 36% (p=0.002 vs L); L: 5%NR
 IOP ≥10 mm Hg from baselineIVT1: n=41; IVT4: n=85; L: n=12NRNRNRNR
 IOP ≥5 mm HgNRIVT: 68% (p=0.007 vs C); C: 10%NRNRNR
 IOP lowering medication usedIVT1: n=31; IVT4: n=76; L: n=25IVT: 44% (p=0.0002 vs C); C: 3%IVTL: 64% (p<0.001); L: 24%NRNR
 Cataract surgeryIVT1: 23% (of those phakic at baseline, 46% by 3 years (p<0.001 between all groups); IVT4: 51% (of those phakic at baseline, 83% by 3 years); L: 13% (of those phakic at baseline, 31% by 3 years)IVT: 56% (of phakic eyes over 3 years, p<0.001 vs C); C: 8% (of phakic eyes over 3 years)NRNR
 Retinal detachmentIVT1: n=2; IVT4: n=4; L: n=2NRNRNoneNR
 Retinal vein occlusionIVT1: n=1; IVT4: n=2; L: n=3NRNRNRNR
 Retinal artery occlusionIVT1: n=0; IVT4: n=0; L: n=1NRNRNRNR
 Anterior ischemic optic neuropathyIVT1: n=1; IVT4: n=0; L: n=0NRNRNRNR
 VitrectomyIVT1: n=26; IVT4: n=19; L: n=31NRNRNRNR
 Open angle glaucomaIVT1: n=2; IVT4: n=7; L: n=2NRNRNRNR
 Glaucoma filtering surgeryIVT1: n=0; IVT4: n=2; L: n=0NRNRNRNR
 Laser trabeculoplastyIVT1: n=0; IVT4: n=1; L: n=0IVT: n=2; C: n=0IVTL: n=1NRNR
 Ciliary body destructionIVT1: n=0; IVT4: n=1; L: n=0NRNRNRNR
 EndophthalmitisIVT1: n=0; IVT4: n=;0 L: n=0(Infectious) IVT: n=1; C: NR(Culture-negative) IVTL: n=1None(sterile) IVT: n=1
 PseudoendophthalmitisIVT1: n=0; IVT4: n=;0 L: n=0NRNRNRNR
 Percentage of increase in cataract scoresNRNRNRIVT:+1.0 SD1.1 (p=NS vs L); IVTL:+1.3 SD1.9 (p=NS vs L); L:+0.5 SD0.9NR
 Ocular hypertension (>21 mm Hg)NRNRNRNRNR
 Cataract progressionNRNRPhakic eyes, progression by ≥2 AREDS grade, IVTL: 64% (p<0.001); L: 11% (p<0.001)NRNR
 Corneal decompensationNRIVT: NR; C: n=1NRNRNR
 Cataract surgeryNRNRIVTL: 61% (p<0.001); L: 0%NRIVT: n=2; L: n=1
 Vitreous haemorrhageNRNRNRIVTL: n=1
 Lens opacityNRNRNRNRSignificantly greater change in lens opacity in IVT group than in L group (1.9)
DeathsN=33, unrelated to study treatmentIVT: n=1; C: n=2IVTL: n=2; L: n=1NRNR
  • CPL, control plus laser; IOP, intraocular pressure; NR, not reported; IVT, intravitreal triamcinolone; IVTL, intravitreal triamcinolone plus laser; RDL, ranibizumab plus deferred laser; RPL, ranibizumab plus laser; TPL, triamcinoloine plus laser.