Table 2

Peer mentor and mentee results

Peer mentor-reported self-efficacyNMeanSDp ValueEffect size
Peer mentor self-efficacy scale ratings
 Baseline (T1)97.911.18
 Post-training (T2)99.140.560.01*1.04
 End of programme (T3)97.550.970.26−0.31
 3 months after programme completion (T4) 97.880.590.86−0.03
Mentees’ mean outcome scores at baseline (T1) and programme completion (T2)
MeasurementNT1T2T1–T2 (SD)Effect size
T1–T2 (mean)
Medication adherence (Morisky scale)80.780.630.530
Self-efficacy scale87.597.751.010.04
Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales (AIMS2)—Short Form (SF)
 ▸ AIMS2-SF530.2628.961.330.39
 ▸ AIMS2-Physical (/10)88.368.601.980.19
 ▸ AIMS2-Symptoms (/10)82.591.562.230.28
 ▸ AIMS2-Affect (/10)85.565.311.030.27
 ▸ AIMS2-Social (/10)85.765.470.930.47
 ▸ AIMS2-Work (/10)57.668.132.050.42
Coping Efficacy (Gignac et al)84.084.410.460.35
Clinical Disease Activity (CDAI)69.945.683.910.19
Medical Outcomes Study Social Support Survey (MOSSS)83.774.110.280.30
Patient Activation Measure (PAM)875.8073.1111.750.22