Table 3

Sensitivity analyses of initiation rites and dysmenorrhoea contrasting women who completed all rites with those who completed only one component rite.

FrequenciesRisk of dysmenorrhoea
nNoYesp ValueOR95% CIp Fisher
None461430.43269.60.0017.51.95 to 28.70.001
Emesis713954.93245.10.0012.851.04 to 7.820.050
Cared for during the ceremony14211077.53222.50.0013.731.59 to 8.780.001
Followed prescribed diet13310175.93224.10.0013.731.58 to 8.850.001
Spent time in isolation13310175.93224.10.0013.731.58 to 8.850.001
Applied carayurú powder15612479.53220.50.0013.891.68 to 9.020.001
Blessed by traditional healer16413280.53219.50.0014.201.83 to 9.660.001
Body painted with we946266.03234.00.0014.151.65 to 10.40.001
Cut hair1279574.83225.80.0014.311.81 to 10.20.001
Had a Godmother946266.03234.00.0014.441.77 to 11.10.001
Inhaled ají915964.83235.20.0015.051.99 to 12.770.001