Table 2

Exposure to different aspects of initiation rite and risk of dysmenorrhoea (OR)

Initiation rite% of all women receiving this rite*Risk of dysmenorrhoea in each subgroup
Receiving riteNot receiving riteaOR†95% CI
Cared for during the ceremony76.8%69/14228/430.510.251.02
Applied carayurú powder84.3%78/15619/290.530.231.19
Spent time in isolation71.9%64/13333/520.530.281.03
Followed prescribed diet71.9%64/13333/520.530.281.03
Body painted with we50.8%44/9453/910.630.351.12
Had a Godmother50.8%45/9450/880.70.391.25
Cut hair68.6%64/12733/580.770.411.45
Inhaled ají49.2%45/9152/940.790.441.41
Blessed by traditional healer88.6%85/16412/210.810.322.04
  • *Total 185 women; no missing data.

  • † Adjusted for age and level of education in a stratified analysis.