Table 3

Conservative and realistic compression factors

PharmaceuticalStudies published in journals, nMean compression factor (range)
Conservative compression factors
Clopidogrel511 (4–19)
Epoetin alfa141
Fluad2488 (367–609)
GSK H5N1 vaccine119
Oseltamivir12195 (1–1221)
Quetiapine2578 (352–803)
Reboxetine588 (9–245)
Zanamivir854 (28–92)
Realistic compression factors
Paroxetine91021 (50–5473)
  • A ratio of clinical study report page length to corresponding journal publication page length.

  • *The Arthronat trial has not yet been published. Compression factor calculation is based on the page length of a draft manuscript ‘to be published soon,’ according to