Table 1

Characteristics of the women included in the sample

Mixed ethnicity00%185100%185
Born in this community9451.4%8948.6%183
Knew her age15885.4%2714.6%185
Had had children13975.1%4624.9%185
Using contraceptive methods1511.1%12088.9%135
 Using contraceptive pills00%
 Using IUDs213.3%
 Using plants16.7%
 Tubal ligation426.7%
 Using other methods853.3%
Any education level13371.9%5228.1%185
Lives in a community with airstrip11865.2%6334.8%181
Reported dysmenorrhoea9752.4%8847.6%185
Rites completion
 All rites completed3217.3%15382.7%185
 No rites at all147.6%17192.4%185
 Incomplete rite13975.1%4624.9%185
  • IUDs, intrauterine devices