Table 2

Comparison between the training and validation groups

Training GroupValidation groupp Value
(n=2015) (%)(n=2015) (%)
Gestational age (weeks)
Birthweight (g)
Birth year
Cranial ultrasound/MRI abnormalities
 No cranial ultrasound, no MRI23.822.20.13
 No lesion on cranial ultrasound and/or MRI68.471.1
 Intraventricular haemorrhage (grade II)3.53.5
 Severe cranial ultrasound/MRI abnormalities4.23.2
  Intraventricular haemorrhage (grades III and IV)0.60.3
  White matter damage3.52.6
  White matter damage and intraventricular haemorrhage0.10.3
Outcome at 2 years
 Not examined at 2 years15.917.60.71
 Death after discharge0.10.1
 Genetic syndrome0.70.7
 Optimal neuromotor development74.273.0
 Suboptimal neuromotor development8.98.7
  Cerebral palsy without independent walking1.62.1
  Cerebral palsy with independent walking3.84.2
  Gross and/or fine motor domain impairment (ASQ)3.52.4
  • ASQ, ages and stages questionnaires.