Table 2

Unadjusted regression for annual change in estimated glomerular filtration rate (n=329)

Annual change (ml/min/1.732)95% CIp Value
Predictor variables
 Overall pop−1.69−1.84 to −1.53<0.001
 Slope in White−1.71−1.98 to −1.44<0.001
Coefficients for ethnicity interaction (additional decline in ml/min/1.732/year)
 Additional decline in Black population−0.31−0.75 to 0.130.161
 Additional decline in south Asian population0.19−0.16 to 0.550.285
  • The annual decline in White patients is −1.71 ml/min/1.732.

  • The annual decline in Black patients is −2.02 ml/min/1.732.

  • The annual decline in south Asian patients is −1.51 ml/min/1.732.