Table 1

An example of a discrete choice study

Scenario 1Exercise option AExercise option B
Out of pocket cost ($ per session)$100$5
Is transport providedNo transport is provided; you need to provide your ownNo need for transport
Travel timeAbout 45 min5 min or less
Type of exerciseCombination of different types of exercise (balance and strength training),Yoga
How often do you exercise per week?1×/week1×/week
Time per day30 min10 min or less
Improvement in the ease with which you can undertake daily tasks at home (daily tasks at home include bathing, dressing, preparing meals and cleaning the house)10%30%
Improvement in the ability to leave the house to undertake tasks or socialise (Tasks include shopping, banking, walking outdoors, using public transport)30%60%
Falls risk reduction
On average, 30 of 100 older people fall at least once each year. Exercise can reduce the number of people who fall to...
20 of 10010 of 100
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