Table 5

Possible variables for remission after the Great East Japan Earthquake

ORp Value95% CI
IBD type
 Ulcerative colitis5460.810.580.39 to 1.72
 Crohn's disease3571
 Male5220.840.620.41 to 1.72
 More than 40 years4230.890.760.41 to 1.88
 40 years or less4791
Disease duration
 More than 10 years3500.630.250.27 to 1.37
 10 or less5531
Extra-intestinal complications
 Positive940.800.710.19 to 2.33
Smoking status*
 Current smokers1400.700.520.20 to 1.90
Damage to houses*
 Total or half loss1321.070.900.33 to 2.86
Temporary homelessness*
 1 week or more620.820.810.12 to 3.40
Death of family members or friends*
 Yes1750.580.280.18 to 1.51
Complete loss of job*
 Yes512.230.280.47 to 7.87
Anxiety about family finances*
 Yes3121.060.890.47 to 2.26
Changes in daily dietary intake*
 Yes2691.260.550.58 to 2.62
Discontinuation of medications
 1 week or more690.360.260.02 to 1.80
  • *Information on several patients about age, smoking status, damage to houses, temporary homelessness, death of family members or friends, complete loss of job, anxiety about family finances, and changes in daily dietary intake was not available.

  • IBD, inflammatory bowel disease.