Table 2

Risks of a relatively severe malformation in infants and of a cardiovascular defect according to maternal drug use compared with infants born of women, unexposed to the respective drug groups, in the population

Drug group usedTotal numberWith relative severe malformationOR/RR95% CIWith cardiovascular defectOR/RR95% CI
All SSRI121953961.060.96 to 1.171211.010.84 to 1.21
SSRI without sedative/hypnotic105113371.050.94 to 1.171030.990.82 to 1.21
Benzodiazepine without SSRI1000371.100.79 to 1.54131.300.75 to 2.24
HBRA without SSRI776220.860.57 to 1.72*20.260.63 to 0.94*
Other sedative/hypnotic without SSRI606211.060.69 to 1.6950.890.26 to 1.88*
SSRI with sedative/hypnotic822301.090.85 to 1.5780.920.40 to 1.82*
 Among them with benzodiazepine406161.170.70 to 1.9351.140.37 to 2.67*
 Among them with HBRA30980.760.37 to 1.54*20.660.08 to 2.37*
 Among them with other sedative/hypnotic256101.350.73 to 2.61*31.260.26 to 3.68*
  • OR or RR with 95% CI after adjustment for year of birth, maternal age, parity, smoking and BMI.

  • *RR as observed over expected numbers with 95% CI from Poisson distributions.

  • HBRA, hypnotic benzodiazepine receptor agonist; OR, odds ratio; RR, risk ratio; SSRI, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.