TableĀ 4

Family time-out in the presence of the physician

Consultation of Mrs 346 with her daughter
01Physician:All right. I need to do a consent form
03Physician:and then I'll go through that with you and then if you sign that that allows me to book the treatment and then we'll give all the forms to the oncology day unit and they'll contact you probably tomorrow or possibly later this afternoon. And er then we'll get things organised
((turns deleted of small talk while the physician completes the forms))
04Patient:(10) Are you all right with all this (name of daughter)? Do you think I'm (.) it's the right thing to do ().
05Daughter:It's your decision you
07Daughter:It's your decision. I'm hardly going to turn round and say no best not do it.
08Patient:I know but I'd rather you (.) you were with me.
09Physician:Well if we go down this route it's always on the understanding that if you feel () if it doesn't feel right at any time or we don't think it's right for you you don't need to ().
10Patient:What will happen if if the chemotherapy it doesn't doesn't work or it's not suitable?
Consultation of Mr 335, with his wife
01Wife:But you haven't got much of an appetite either have you? Will that make any difference to this treatment?
02Physician:No not particularly. If you haven't got much of an appetite one of the things we can give steroids. And that can sometimes boost your appetite a bit.
03Wife:Well you've been feeling a bit sick haven't you and the doctor's given you some tablets to stop that nausea feeling
04Patient:That's right yeah.
05Wife:And er
06Patient:Which are
07Wife:you have eaten a few things better.
08Patient:been working yes. Eaten a little bit more since haven't I?
09Wife:A bit better. And we'll see what happens with that as it goes on. You don't want steroids do you?
10Physician:Quite a quite a lot of (name of hospice nurse)'s patients have steroids.
11Wife:Oh do they?
12Physician:Yeah. They have them. It does quite improve just general wellbeing.
13Wife:Oh well.
14Physician:But he can you know can have that in the future.