Table 4

Barriers to apply EBP as mentioned by doctors and nurses

Doctors and nurses alike
▪ Lack of time to read evidence or implement new ideas ▪ Lack of facilities or resources ▪ Lack of staff experienced in EBP ▪ Lack of training in EBP ▪ EBP is insufficiently supported by staff and management ▪ Evidence is not easily available ▪ Unawareness of research ▪ Evidence is not generalisable to own setting
▪ Lack of evidence ▪ Conflicting evidence ▪ Evidence is not incorporated in clinical practice ▪ EBP negatively impacts medical skills and freedom▪ Evidence is written in foreign language ▪ Lack of authority to change practice ▪ Statistics or research is unintelligible ▪ Implications for practice are unclear
  • Stated are those ranked among the top ten in most studies.

  • EBP, evidence-based practice.