Table 3

Caregiver knowledge on home care13 17

Source: Pre-IMCI and post-IMCI assessment(13) (97 health facilities, 13 districts, 2001–2002) *
IndicatorPre-IMCI6 months post-IMCISource: Follow-up visits 4–6 weeks after training(17) (6770 observations, 242 districts, 1999–2008)*
Caregiver of child prescribed an oral antibiotic knows how to give the treatment4/58 (6.9%)12/18 (66.7%)905/1081 (83.7%)
Caregiver of child with diarrhoea knows how to prepare and give ORS5/32 (15.6%)19/24 (79.2%)1575/1890 (83.3%)
Caregiver knows the three rules of home care (extra fluids, continued feeding and at least 2 signs on when to bring child back immediately)†5/96 (5.2%)62/80 (77.5%)4926/6165 (79.9%)
  • *The denominator of the indicators reported vary depending on the indicator definition.

  • †Tasks performed by nurses. All the other indicators refer to tasks performed by physicians.

  • IMCI, Integrated Management of Childhood Illness.