Table 5

Differences of opinion

Consultation of Mrs 304, with her husband
01Husband:Right right right but if the kidney function is adequate that is what you would recommend if you were asked to
02Physician:That's the one we'd recommend yes
03Husband:Right well that's the way we've got to go.
04Physician:It's the way she's got to decide (what) she wants to do =
05Husband: (well)
06Physician:= it's not you decide it's she's got to decide =
07Husband:No but I think
08Physician:= what she can cope with
09Husband:Yeah but it's a joint thing I mean if I can help her
10Physician:Yes it's a joint thing BUT she's got it's she's got she's the one in the
11Husband:Oh yeah she's the one in the hot seat (.) absolutely
12Patient:in the hot seat
13Physician:and if she finds that the side effects are too bad =
15Physician:= then she can stop the treatment