Table 3

Family time-out in the absence of the physician

Consultation of Mrs 342, with her husband
01Patient:Can I can I think on that?
02Physician:You most certainly can.
03Patient:And I will discuss it with my how would I let you know?
04Physician:Right well let me give you some written information about the drugs =
06Physician:= so I'll go and get that now and then we'll negotiate how we can get in contact.
07Patient:Yes ok
((Physician leaves the room))
08Patient:Do you agree with my decision as well?
09Husband:Well it's
10Patient:We'll go home and discuss it.
11Husband:Yeah. It's up it's entirely up to you =
12Patient:Yes I know
13Husband:= because you're the one that's got to live with it.
14Patient:I know but if it's just go () I don't think I I don't (.) can you see my point of view?
16Patient:If I got to go all through that and I'm ill and it's only going to give me another 6 months so all together I've only got just over a 12 month haven't I?
17Husband:Yeah er 14 months actually.
18Patient:Yeah yeah 14 months at the most. Up to 8 months I could go living like this.
20Patient:Do you know what I mean?
21Husband:Yeah I know what you mean. That's right yeah yeah yeah.
22Patient:Yeah. You can see my point of view can't you? Yeah.
23Husband:And it's and it's like I was saying to you out there like. Although I know what I've understood what you've said
((A number of turns deleted))
((Physician re-enters the room))
25Physician:There we are.
26Patient:Ok. Thank you very much.
27Physician:Is there anything else you want to ask me about it?