Table 3

Stepwise binary logistic regression of Delirium Rating Scale-Revised-98 item scores and other variables (dementia; medical specialty) for their level of contribution to correct identification of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition delirium according to research clinician's diagnosis

Approach to detectionβR2p Value
Medical case notes
 DRS-R98 Attention0.860.200.005
 DRS-R98 Short-term memory0.560.240.04
 Medical specialty1.700.270.006
Nurse questioning
 DRS-R98 Delusions0.880.330.04
 DRS-R98 Affective lability1.110.410.02
 DRS-R98 Attention1.080.440.01
 DRS-R98 Long-term memory0.830.470.01
Patient self-rating
 DRS-R98 Sleep-wake cycle disturbance−1.310.190.01
 DRS-R98 Orientation2.020.25<0.001
 DRS-R98 Onset1.320.30<0.001
  • Only variables with a significant relationship are shown for each approach to detection. Symptoms are relied upon for delirium detection by different involved parties do not overlap a lot across these methods (n=55 point prevalence cases evaluated).