Table 1

Patient's demographical and clinical characteristics by delirium subgroup

Age in years, median (range), n=311
 All69 (17–100)
 Delirium79 (34–100)
 No delirium66 (17–95)
Female sex, n(%), n=311
 All159 (51.1%)
 Delirium27 (49.1%)
 No delirium132 (51.6%)
Length of stay on day of study, median (IQR), n=300 alive at discharge
 All7 (15)
 Delirium17 (33)
 No delirium6 (14)
Charlson Comorbidity Index, median (range), n=298
 All2 (0–12)
 Delirium2 (0–12)
 No delirium2 (0–8)
Dementia, n=203 (%)
 All*36 (17.7%)
 Delirium, n=5528 (50.9%)
 No delirium*, n=1488 (5.4%)
  • *May be an underestimate as medical chart documentation used to determine dementia status in younger, non-delirious patients.