Table 5

Physician reported competence in treating obese patients, overall and by years since completing medical school, N (%)

 Years since completing medical schoolp Value
Overall N=500<20 N=27720+N=223
Competent giving exercise-related counselling to obese patients462 (92)258 (93)204 (92)0.68
Competent giving diet-related counselling to obese patients450 (90)252 (91)198 (89)0.54
Usually successful in helping obese patients lose weight218 (44)137 (49)81 (36)0.02
Primary care physicians are the ‘most qualified’ professional to help obese patients196 (39)115 (41)82 (37)0.40
  • Source: Survey of General Practitioners, Family Practitioners and General Internists between 9 February and 1 March 2011.

  • Notes: p Values are for t tests for differences in proportions. The mean year medical school was completed is 1993.