Table 3

Items that performed less well in terms of either difficulty or discrimination

Item (category)*The UKAustraliaCanadaDenmarkSwedenNorway
Non-discrimination (>95% in any single category) (%)
 Knowledge of unexplained lump or swelling as a symptom of cancer (Yes)96.695.7
 Q15—change in the appearance of a mole (Yes)96.798.295.497.096.598.3
High % ‘invalid’ (>10%)
 Q29—cancer treatment is worse than cancer itself (tend to agree)15.911.110.6
 Q34—how many out of 10 survive bowel cancer (5 people)12.1
 Q35—how many out of 10 survive breast cancer (8 people)10.3
 Q36—how many out of 10 survive ovarian cancer (5 people)14.921.110.1
 Q37—how many out of 10 survive lung cancer (5 people)12.9
  • *The full range of response options for each item can be seen in the online supplementary file containing the UK ABC measure.

  • ABC, awareness and beliefs about cancer.