TableĀ 2

Primary endpoint

EndpointUnivariable regression model (unadjusted values)Multiple regression model (adjusted values)
Effect95% CIp ValueEffect95% CIp Value
Total score0.7540.591 to 0.9630.0240.7710.604 to 0.9850.040
Airway0.8570.697 to 1.0530.1410.8710.706 to 1.0740.200
Ear*0.7210.352 to 1.4650.3670.6950.320 to 1.5010.357
Sinus*0.5830.280 to 1.1980.1440.5940.265 to 1.3280.204
Malaise0.8450.692 to 1.0320.0980.8450.689 to 1.0360.108
Antibiotics*0.3550.154 to 0.7840.0120.3650.153 to 0.8720.023
  • Treatment effect calculated as the ratio between infectious scores in the vitamin D3 and the placebo groups. Due to low frequencies, endpoints marked with asterisks (*) were coded as binary outcomes (ie, present or absent in each patient) and compared by means of logistic regression. In these cases, the effect refers to OR of experiencing the outcome at least once during the course of the study (The data are based on n=124 patients).