TableĀ 3

List of use rate procedures with the highest SD

Use rates ofAcross districts SDs 2009
MRI musculoskeletal7.07
MRI backbone6.95
CT rachis5.02
CT head3.6
CT complete abdomen with contrast2.92
CT superior abdomen with contrast2.55
CT chest with contrast2.1
CT chest2.01
CT lower extremity1.67
MRI brain1.6
MRI brain with contrast1.56
CT facial massive1.35
CT head with contrast0.91
MRI backbone with contrast0.72
CT neck with contrast0.63
MRI facial massive with contrast0.49
MRI musculoskeletal with contrast0.48
Angio MRI0.43
MRI superior abdomen with contrast0.36
MRI facial massive0.34