Table 3

Ordinal Logistic Regression (through a generalised linear model) with study variables and ordinal dependent variable. β-Coefficients (B) and CI for regressions with patients’ silence towards the healthcare system after experiencing staff's abusive or wrongful transgressions

n=275* BSE B95% Wald CIp Value
ThresholdRemained silent 0%−2.070.34−2.74−1.40<0.01
Remained silent 1–99%−0.820.32−1.45−0.180.01
Knowledge of patient rights−0.110.04−0.19−0.03<0.01
  • Likelihood ratio χ2:13.60, p<0.01 (fitted model against thresholds-only model).

  • *n=18 excluded due to item non-response.