Table 7

Univariate and multivariate analyses for rehospitalisation due to heart failure progression in patients with left ventricular hypertrophy (n=98)

HRχ295% CIp Value
Univariate analysis
 Use of diuretics1.9121.9970.77 to 4.630.1572
 Use of CCB1.9382.1440.79 to 4.730.1413
 Left atrial diameter1.0816.8171.02 to 1.130.0090
 Washout rate1.0394.9111.00 to 1.070.0267
 Early HMR0.1474.8890.02 to 0.800.0270
 Late HMR0.04911.110.01 to 0.310.0009
Multivariate analysis following the univariate analysis
 Use of diuretics1.2840.037 0.42 to 3.750.6433
 Left atrial diameter1.1374.4201.01 to 1.300.0355
 Late HMR0.0917.3140.01 to 0.540.0068
  • CCB, calcium channel blockers; HMR, heart-to-mediastinum ratio of metaiodobenzylguanidine activity; LV, left ventricular.