Table 4

Overall results of univariate and multivariate analyses for all cardiac events (n=178)

HRχ295% CIp Value
Univariate analysis
 Use of diuretics2.7628.1941.38 to 5.520.004
 Use of CCB1.6581.9870.82 to 3.300.160
 LV mass index1.0076.4571.00 to 1.010.011
 Left atrial diameter1.08012.451.03 to 1.120.0004
 Washout rate1.0307.3811.01 to 1.060.007
 Early HMR0.1917.2150.06 to 0.630.007
 Late HMR0.07517.730.02 to 0.25<0.0001
Multivariate analysis following the univariate analysis
 Use of diuretics1.0840.0190.32 to 1.920.890
 Left atrial diameter1.0804.0501.00 to 1.160.044
 Late HMR0.1076.3140.01 to 0.610.012
  • CCB, calcium channel blockers; HMR, heart-to-mediastinum ratio of metaiodobenzylguanidine activity; LV, left ventricular.