Table 3

Opening of asthma consultation

TimeN/PWords spokenBodily conduct/EPR screen
00.57N..uh SO:
[ tell me
what inhalers do you u:se (.) an:d when do you use them.
N writing

Remains oriented to P as makes one keystroke to display prescriptions

N rotates her chair, pulling it back away from the desk & re-orientating so that
posture and gaze are towards P. She gestures towards his inhalers on the desk with her L hand on ‘what inhalers’
(0.4)N draws chair closer to P, still oriented towards him
Well say like if I get >
sort of< out of breath

P rubs his nose
P puts his hand on inhaler, looking at N
1:07NUh uhN nods
Pthen I'll take the brown one.P points to the brown inhaler on the desk and looks at it
1:09NUh uhN nods, looking at P
(1.2)Mutual gaze
1:10Pbut uhmP looks down at inhalers
(2.7)P↔N. P shrugs his shoulders
1:14PHe [heP smiles, and slightly laughs as looks at N
N  [he he heN joins P in smiling and a slight laugh. N shrugs her shoulders
1:15PI mean sometimes I'll use the blue one.P lifts the blue inhaler just off the desk, looking at N
1:17NRightN nods